The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Professional Retraining Programmes

Professional Retraining Programmes
Programmes for university degree holders

Conference Interpreting:  Basics

The Art of Consecutive Interpreting

Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures

International Communication and Translation and Interpreting

Information and Records Management in International Cooperation

International Hospitality Industry

English for Intercultural Communication

Training for Teachers of Interpreting

Translation and Interpreting in Professional Communication

Russian Sign Language Teaching

International Journalism

Professional Retraining Programmes
For Students

Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures (for MSLU students)

Professional Communication: Translation and Interpreting (for MSLU students)

Third Foreign Language Programmes

Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures

Additional Languages for Translators and Interpreters 

UN Courses

Translation in International Organisations: Preparation for UN Language Competitive Examinations


Conference Interpreting in International Organisations: Preparation for UN Language Competitive Examinations  (English and Spanish/ English and French)


Conference Interpreting in International Organisations (English and Arabic/ English and German)

Professional Communication Programmes: Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes

Professional Communication for Data Analytics

International Relations and Foreign Policy



World Cultures


Practical Psychology

Educational Psychology 

PR in International Relations


Contemporary International Journalism

Sociology of International Relations


Eurasia: Regional Processes Analysis


International Settings: Political Analysis


Professional Communication for Hospitality Industry


Professional Communication for Information Security


Professional Communication for Archives and Records Management

Legal Translation and Interpreting

Translation and Interpreting for Law Enforcement

Translation and Interpreting for National Security Legislation