The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Russian language Courses

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Short-term courses of the Russian language for foreigners

The courses are provided for any level of Russian language proficiency (even if you do not speak Russian at all).

Corporate language training is available. 


Applicants may join courses at any time during the academic year (September-June) for a period from 2 weeks to 11 months. Summer courses of Russian as foreign language are available in July and August.

Group tuition (for 1 academic hour*)

Individual tuition (for 1 academic hour*)

700 rubles (minimum 12 academic hours per a 5-day working week)

2500 rubles

500 rubles - discount for 4 month period of study or more (minimum 12 academic hours per a 5-day working week)

*the required amount of academic hours is achieved through language classes (1 class = 2 academic hours = 80 minutes)


Complete application package should be send to



MSLU hall of residence is located in the city center (6, Komsomolskiy prospect, Moscow) within a ten-minute walk from the University’s main building.

Accommodation fee - 510 rubles per night (subject to change). Number of places is limited, please contact us for availability information in advance.

Places at MSLU hall of residence provided only if you are arriving by an official visa invitation from MSLU.


tel. +7(499) 245-22-11