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Rector of Moscow State Linguistic University
Irina Arkadievna KRAYEVA


– Biography

Irina A. Krayeva received her first degree cum laude in teaching English and French from the Maurice Thorez Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages (currently MSLU). She conducted her post-graduate research at the same Institute's Department of English Lexicology, culminating in a PhD in Philology, a rank of Associate Professor and position of Professor at MSLU.

After her graduation in 1980, Irina A. Krayeva joined the Department of English as a Second Foreign Language, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting where she held the positions of a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer (1980–83, 1987–89), Associate Professor (after 1993), and Head of the Department (1993 – 2006). From 1993 to 2006 she served as an Academic Secretary of the MSLU Academic Board.

In 2006–17, Irina A. Krayeva was Dean of the Faculty of English at MSLU and Professor of the Department of English Lexicology.

Between 2011 and 2014, Professor I.A. Krayeva headed the Foreign Languages Commission for the Unified State (school-leaving) Examination for the city of Moscow. Since 2014, Prof. Krayeva has been a certified expert of the Russian Federal Service for Supervision in Education.

In January 2017 Professor Krayeva was appointed Acting Rector of Moscow State Linguistic University. She represents the University in the Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education, University of Iowa, USA, in the European Centre for Modern Languages in Graz, Austria, and is recently elected Board Member of the European Language Council.

Professor Krayeva has published more than 50 books, students' books and scholarly papers in her field.

Irina A. Krayeva holds awards and decorations from the governments of the Russian Federation and other states.

Esteemed colleagues and students! Dear friends!

Our university, MSLU, has always been renowned for its glorious traditions, for quality education and for innovative methods of teaching and mastering languages and cultures. It is my sincere hope that with our joint efforts we can further develop MSLU as a center for polylingualism, the humanities and cutting-edge educational technologies. I count on your contribution as linguists and scholars, and your unique experience, to assist me in the administrative duties that I am undertaking. Together, we can reach new heights of creativity and success, inspired by the words of our "InYaz" University Anthem: "InYaz! You're depths and lofty shining summits! Our billow'ng sails and glowing beacon true!" May our students, today and tomorrow, proudly call themselves scions of InYaz!

MSLU  Rector

Innara A. Guseinova



Innara A. Guseinova was born in 1971 in Moscow. In 1993, she graduated magna cum laude in Foreign Languages, a lecturer of German and English, from Moscow State University.

In 1999, she completed her PhD in Philology (Germanic languages), with a thesis on “Descriptive Advertising as an Instrument of Influence in Marketing Communication (with reference to West German print media)”.

In 2010, she earned her Doctorate Degree in Theory of Language with a dissertation on “Communicative and Pragmatic Basis for Genres in Marketing Discourse”.

From 1993 to 2011, Dr. Guseinova was Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor of the Department of Lexicology and Stylistics of German Language at the Faculty of German and later at the Department of German at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, MSLU.

From 2011 to 2016 Dr. Guseinova served as Dean of MSLU Faculty of Translation and Interpreting. She has authored two monographs, three teaching guides and eighty academic publications in leading Russian and foreign academic journals. She has been engaged in four international research and practice-oriented projects.

Dr. Guseinova is a member of three MSLU Dissertation Boards. She is Doctor of Philology and a tenured associate professor.

Olga K. Iriskhanova

Vice-Rector for Research


Olga K. Iriskhanova was appointed as a member of the rectorate responsible for research in January 2019.

She graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University (Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages) in 1988, received her PhD in 1996, became Dr. Habil in 2005 and received a full professorship in 2009.

Since 1996 Olga K. Iriskhanova has been teaching practical courses, giving lectures and supervising BA, MA, and Ph.D. students at MSLU at the Department of Theoretical and Comparative Linguistics.

In 2014 she became Director of SCoDis (the Centre of Socio-Cognitive Studies of Discourse). The studies that are carried out at the centre focus on analyzing the diversity and effectiveness of discourse practices in various languages from a socio-cognitive point of view. Olga K. Iriskhanova is a PI or co-PI in various research projects funded by the Russian Science Foundation and the Ministry for Science and Higher Education.

Olga K. Iriskhanova is a member of three Dissertation Boards at the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Д 002. 006. 03), at Moscow State Linguistic University (Д 212. 135. 02), at Moscow State University (10.08). She is an expert of the Higher Attestation Commission, the Expert Council for Humanities at Moscow State University, Russian Science Foundation, and Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research.

Research interests: cognitive semantics, distribution of attention in language, discourse studies, multimodal communication, linguistic creativity, communicative strategies of institutionalized communication.

The responsibilities and goals of Vice-Rector for Research include:

- first-class research environment at the faculties and research centres at MSLU;

- overall top performance in research at MSLU;

- research impact, ratings and statistics.

Vice-Rector for Research is responsible for the research performance of the following departments and structural units at MSLU:

- Department of Research Management and Statistics;

- Faculties and Institutions;

- Ph.D. and Postdoc Research Department;

- Dissertation Boards;

- Science and Technology Coordination Council;

- Research centres and laboratories.

Petruchak Print.jpg
Larisa A. Petruchak

Vice-Rector for Education

Dr. Larisa Petruchak holds two degrees, one in legal studies, and one in education.
Doctor of Law and Associate Professor, Larisa A. Petruchak specialises in
contemporary legal culture of Russia and legal education. Dr. Petruchak reads
Theory of Law and State and Methodology of Teaching Law and has authored
more than 60 research papers and teaching materials, including three books.
With over 31 years in service, including 20 years in research and education, Larisa
Petruchak has held senior management positions in higher education
establishments as dean, head of education management department, and vice-rector
for education. Her professional interests include teaching and training support and
development spanning all levels of education from secondary vocational and
higher education to continuing education and professional development in higher
Professor Petruchak is member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Head
of the National Association for Education, Training and Teaching Methods (Legal
Studies), a member of the expert council of the National Association of Lawyers,
and a certified expert of the Russian Federal Service for Supervision in Education.
Larisa A. Petruchak holds numerous awards and decorations from the government
of the Russian Federation.

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