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Centre of Italian Language


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Riuabthev D.V-215.JPG Director:
Dmitriy Vasilievich RYABTSEV

The Centre of Italian Language at MSLU was opened in 1999 by the staff of the Department of Italian with support from alumni and the Embassy's Institute of Italian Culture.

The Centre of Italian Language at MSLU

  • Promotes the Italian language, culture, science, education and other achievements to the Russian and international public in order to contribute to greater mutual understanding and friendly relations between nations;
  • Fosters innovative and effective methods of FL instruction in Italian at MSLU, employing relevant materials, audio and video equipment, etc.;
  • Encourages cooperation between MSLU and other Russian and Italian universities and institutions in the sphere of scholarship, FL instruction, information exchange, cultural activities, etc.;
  • Strives to identify new and promising areas and methods of cooperation.

The Centre of Italian Language at MSLU

  • Hosts conferences, colloquia and seminars on a wide range of issues relating to present-day Italian studies, Russian-Italian relations and teaching Italian to different cohorts of students; offers lessons in Italian, touching also upon such subject areas as culture, history, geography, literature and the economy of Italy;
  • Organizes meetings with persons knowledgeable in different areas of public and cultural life in Italy and Russia, and cultural and educational events;
  • Collects and updates a library to support the Centre's functions;
  • Uses its powers, at the request of the Rector, to communicate with the Italian Embassy and General Consulate in Russia, with the Dante Alighieri Society and other organizations.

The Centre, opened in 1999, celebrated its 15th foundation anniversary in 2014. The celebration was attended by officials from the Embassy of Italy in Moscow and representatives of the media.

The MSLU Italian Centre has a library of Italian fiction, non-fiction and dictionaries, a collection of audio materials, a PC, a large television set equipped with a parabolic antenna: in short, all sorts of informational and technological resources with which to conduct exciting lessons. The next step forward is to install multimedia technologies for educational purposes.

The Centre invites MSLU students to meet Italian journalists, historians, lawyers and business people, as well as the University's own notable alumni.

The Centre is a home away from home for Italian exchange students in MSLU, where they can meet their Russian peers, so that both can learn more about each other's customs and make friends.

The Centre holds annual alumni meetings, thus ensuring both continuity and support. An active partner is the newly established Association of Teachers of Italian in Russia, set up by MSLU graduates.