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Centre for Languages ​​and Culture of the CIS Member States


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Конев Владимир Николаевич
Head of Centre:
Vladimir Nikolaevich KONEV

The present Centre for Languages and Cultures of the CIS and SCO States (Department of Languages and Cultures of the CIS and SCO States). Was founded in 1998 as the Research and Study Centre for Languages and Cultures of Northern Eurasia (meaning the Commonwealth of Independent States [CIS] plus the Baltic states), and reorganised in 2003 as the Centre for Languages and Cultures of the CIS and SCO States.

The Centre has been the focal point of efforts to turn MSLU into a hub organisation for the study of the languages and cultures of the CIS states. The language situation and language policies in the CIS states are one of the areas of interest to which Centre staff devote a lot of attention. The Centre also works together with MSLU partner universities to organise and promote international conferences and research projects, to arrange study placements for undergraduate and graduate students, sign cooperation agreements with CIS universities, to negotiate lecture and workshop tours for MSLU faculty members at CIS partner universities, and more.

MSLU has set up seven centres for the languages and cultures of the CIS states:

The Centres are decorated in their respective ethnic styles and provided with audio and video equipment to help students study their respective languages and cultures. There is also a supply of relevant literature: fiction, non-fiction and educational.

The Centres perform the following functions:

Over the years, MSLU has produced graduates specialising in the Ukranian, Lithuanian and Belarusian languages, followed by the first graduates in Armenian (2005), Kazakh (2007), Kyrgyz (2008), and so on. Today many more students are studying these languages.