Зимняя школа русского языка и культуры 2022 в МГЛУ

Зимняя школа русского языка и культуры 2022 в МГЛУ
21 февраля 2022
Этой зимой в МГЛУ в формате двух сессий прошла Зимняя школа русского языка и культуры 2022 онлайн: с 10 по 23 января и с 7 по 20 февраля Участниками школы стали представители Германии, Италии и Китая. В ходе программы студенты принимали участие в занятиях по РКИ с преподавателями МГЛУ, смогли посетить онлайн-экскурсии по достопримечательностям Москвы, а также потренировать свои языковые навыки в сессиях разговорного клуба. 

Отзывы студентов о Зимней школе:

MSLU Winter School is a great opportunity for students at any level of Russian. It helps with speaking, grammar and vocabulary and it really makes possible for a non native to dive into the Russian culture. The teachers are great and they’re always there to help. Each class is interesting and you’ll never get bored during class. Every Russian student should try this school because it’s one of the best.
Фолло Роберта (Италия)

MSLU Winter School was a great opportunity for me to improve my Russian. The course is really complete and useful as it covers every aspect of the language and its culture. Teachers were competent and friendly, and their lessons were interesting and with the perfect level that helped me revise and learn new things. I would highly recommend following this course since, for my personal experience, it was really worth it
Газола Микела (Италия)

MSLU Russian Schools offers us opportunity to practice different part of language learning, the program suitable for all language levels of students to improve themselves , and our two teachers are very professional and very patient. They taught us grammar very carefully, and also told interesting stories to motivate us to learn Russian. Through this online course, my oral Russian and reading ability has been improved, and I also know a lot about the Russian culture.
Чжоу Шанфан (Китай)

I just finished MSLU Winter School and I am very satisfied. The teachers are very good, and the course exceeded my expectations and I also enjoyed it. This is the right course to get involved and to learn many new things. I think I’ve learned a lot of interesting things and improved speaking and listening. The activities we did during the lessons were very interesting and there was a lot of interaction.
Элеонора Дувия (Италия)

I highly recommend Winter School at MSLU because I had the chance to improve Russian language in an international context. I found it very useful! I could improve not just speaking, but also listening and writing.
Арианна Баззи (Италия)

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