The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

45.04.02. MA in Linguistics, Linguodidactics and Intercultural Communication

Programme overview

This innovative and industry-relevant cross-faculty programme aims to provide a thorough grounding in linguistics, foreign language teaching and intercultural communication as well as advanced training in two foreign languages.

A wide choice of foreign languages is available, including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian Sign Language in various combinations.

The programme is offered by The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages.

What you will study

The course is taught through a combination of lectures, seminars and practical classes.


· History and Methodology of Science

· General Linguistics and Historical development of Linguistic Theory

· Text and Discourse

· Current issues in Descriptive lingusictics

· Linguistics and Information technology

· Modern Teaching Methods

· Current issues and developments in Foreign Language Teaching

Practical classes

· Intercultural communication

· Communication in professional settings

· Professionally-oriented translation

· Spoken language pragmatics (FL1, FL2)

· Phonetics and Pronunciation practice

· Francophonie — Rusophonie

· Literary transfers between Russia and the West in the XVIII- XXI centuries

· Philosophy of Language

· Innovative methods & approaches in language teaching

You will also gain hands-on teaching experience and research skills through our compulsory Teaching Practice I, Teaching Practice II and Research modules.

We make every effort to ensure that the programme is vocationally-relevant and up-to-date.

· Why choose this programme

Benefit from a prestigious and relevant qualification and help to meet the ever-increasing demand for professionals in interlanguage & intercultural communication, linguistics and foreign language teaching.

The programme is informed by the principles of lifelong language learning.

Top reasons to study with us

· This programme will provide you with interdisciplinary insights into intercultural communication and linguodidactics

· Proficiency in two foreign languages

· Moscow State linguistic University has a long and enduring commitment to the teaching of foreign languages, leading to a particularly rich environment in terms of staff expertise and language training

· The programme will equip you with a broad understanding of the profession as well as a range of practical skills relevant to the employment market

· an exceptional blend of practical and theoretical disciplines

· research skills

· electives

· work placements & internships, allowingyou to gain practical skills

· The programme provides excellent preparation for further study at PhD level.


· Careers

· foreign language teaching

· syllabus development and planning or educational technology

· academic management

· work for educational and government institutions

· further study in academia & research