The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

39.04.01 MA in SOCIOLOGY

Specialisation: Sociological Analysis of Marketing and Media Communications

Study Mode: Full time

Duration: 2 academic years (120 ECTS)

Programme Overview

Developed to meet the growing demand for professionals in the field of marketing and media communications research, the programme aims to introduce students to sociological analysis in marketing and media communications in the world's leading companies. Students acquire both a thorough grounding in sociology and advanced foreign language skills. The programme offers students a wide range of disciplines including philosophy and methodology of social sciences; modern sociological theories (communicative models of society); sociology of communication systems; sociology of advertising; processing and analysis of social research data; theory and practice of public relations; foreign language in professional communication; online research of sociology, etc. Among the foreign languages our masters study are English, German, French or Spanish.

What You Will Study

· SPSS (PASW Statistics), which allows performing almost all types of statistical analysis, and specialized software for media research

· Psycholinguistic expert system Vaal(R) (analysis of the phonosemantic impact of texts, conducting content analysis)

· PaloMARS (analysis of the structure and behavior of the television audience)

· SuperNova (analysis of the structure and behavior of the radio audience)

· Galileo (media, marketing analysis and media planning)

· iStar (online analysis of classroom indicators Internet)

· Atelier Internet II (analysis of audience indicators and planning of advertising campaigns on the Internet)

· Processing and analysis of social research data

· Foreign language in the field of professional communication

· Methodology and methodology of brand creation and promotion

· Online research in sociology

· Practice of registration and presentation of the results of sociological research

· Practice of media measurement and media planning

· Modern methods of sociological research in the media sphere and marketing

· Market segmentation using IBM SPSS Statistics

· Philosophy and methodology of social sciences

· Modern sociological theories (communicative models of society)

· Sociology of communication systems

· Sociology of advertising activities

· Social forecasting and design


The programme will enable you to to work for leading research institutions, sociological centers and services, foreign and domestic consulting and marketing companies, as well as the public service. Our graduates will be able to pursue careers in a variety of contexts:

· in government bodies at federal, regional and municipal level

· in research, design-analytical and expert-consulting activities in scientific sociological services and centers

· in analytical, marketing, consulting sociological divisions of domestic and foreign enterprises, firms and companies

· in teaching and administrative positions in secondary and higher educational institutions

· in the field of Public Relations: services, centers, mass media

· in the centers of electoral technologies for the organization and conduct of election campaigns

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