The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Theory and practice of international relations

· History

· Philosophy

· Physical culture

· Vital safety

· Introduction to the profession

· Fundamentals of mathematical analysis

· Fundamentals of the theory of international relations

· Theory of international relations

· World economy

· State law of Russia and foreign countries

· Modern international relations 1991 - present

· Theory and history of diplomacy

· Global politics

· Russiain global politics

· Fundamentals of international security

· Russian language and culture of speech

· Modern Russian language

· Latin language

· Ancient culture

· History of religions of the world

· Religion and politics in the history of the modern world

· History and geography of the countries of Asia and Africa

· History and geography of European countries

· Sociology

· Sociology of international relations

· International integration and international organizations

· Mechanisms for conflict resolution

· National security issues

· Anthropology of international relations

· Etiquette of diplomatic and business communication

· Diplomatic and consular services

· Integration processes in Europe

· Integration processes in Asia and Africa

· Modern and contemporary history

· Political science and political theory

· Global ecology in world politics

· Information support of international relations

· International conflicts in the 21st century

· Regional aspects of modern international relations

· The process of making foreign policy decisions

· Negotiation

· Economic and political processes in the CIS

· Military-political aspects of international relations

· Applied mathematics

· Diplomatic and consular services

· Civilization aspects of international relations

· Informational and analytical practice of diplomatic representation

· Traditions of ancient culture in international relations

· Cultural and religious traditions in international relations

· Political problems in Europe

· Political problems of the countries of the east

· Diplomacy and diplomatic etiquette

· Corporate culture and ethics of professional communication

· Specificity of work with diplomatic documents

· Specificity of diplomatic correspondence

· Informatics and databases