The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Theoretical and applied linguistics

· Automated processing of text arrays

· Safety of vital functions

· Introduction to linguistic semantics

· Introduction to psycholinguistics

· Ancient languages ​​and cultures

· Information technology in linguistics

· History of linguistic studies

· History

· Cognitive technologies in applied linguistics

· Corpus linguistics and new information technologies

· Mathematics and information technology

· Mathematical foundations of humanitarian knowledge

· Fundamentals of discourse

· Fundamentals of computer technology analysis of sounding speech

· Fundamentals of semiotics

· Fundamentals of linguistics

· Jurisprudence

· Workshop on research activities

· Applied mathematics and quantitative linguistics

· Programming and linguistics

· Programming and the latest information technologies

· Russian language and culture of speech

· Modern theoretical and applied linguistics

· Modern information-linguistic theories

· Sociolinguistics

· Special languages ​​in the field of computer and applied linguistics (the first foreign language)

· Physical culture

· Philosophy

· Formal models in linguistics