The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Technologies of public relations in international relations

· Philosophy and methodology of social communication

· Methodology of work with information

· Integrated communications

· Psychological effects

· Topical views on political communication

· Advertising technologies in international relations

· Information and analytical work in the international sphere

· Advertising and public relations on the internet

· Information warfare on the internet

· Technologies of work with different international target audiences

· Features of procedural decisions in international public relations

· Information and communication processes in the poly-sphere

· Management of the investment attractiveness of the territory

· Political brand management

· Global trends in the media sphere

· International political marketing

· International media relations technologies

· Master-class "management of public opinion in international relations"

· Planning and implementation of campaigns in the field of advertising and communications

· Information confrontation in international relations

· Managing the international image of the country