The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Strategic design in politics

· History of politics

· Computer technologies for processing political science information

· The newest tendencies and directions of modern political science

· Political philosophy and sociology

· Methodology of political science

· GR-technologies in modern politics

· Lobbyist technologies in modern politics

· Bases of the state and municipal management

· Project management

· Designing of election campaigns

· Designing political campaigns

· Strategic and situational analysis in politics

· Scenario technologies in politics

· Political image-making

· Negotiating practice

· Analysis and examination of political situations and processes

· Modelling of political processes

· Methods of working with information

· Fundamentals of geopolitical design

· Linguistic expertise in strategic design in politics

· Fundamentals of strategic design and program-targeted planning in politics

· Methodology and technologies for preparation of political decisions