The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Regional integration processes within the framework of the SCO

· The concept of soft power and Russia’s policy towards the countries of Eurasia

· World-wide integrated regional studies

· Security issues and conflicts in the specialization region

· Information support of analytical activity

· History of foreign policy of the countries of the specialization region

· Regional subsystems of international relations

· Globalization and the processes of regionalism in the modern world

· Comparative political science

· Regional and sub-regional international organizations

· Socio-economic policy of the country/countries of specialization

· Political systems and cultures of the region of specialization

· Actual socio-economic. Problems of the region special.

· Processes of modernization and transformation in the region of specialization

· Actual problems of regional studies

· The process of making political decisions in the countries of the specialization region

· The civilizational approach and ethnopsychology of the peoples of the SCO countries

· Integration processes in the specialization region

· Fundamentals of the methodology of the history of international relations

· Regional subsystems of modern international relations in the region of specialization

· Political science

· Information and analytical work in professional activities

· Professional-oriented foreign language practice