The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Electronic records management in Russian and international companies

· History

· Philosophy

· Physical culture

· Safety of vital functions

· Russian language and culture of speech

· Fundamentals of management

· Mathematics

· Concepts of modern natural science

· Organization of state institutions of Russia

· Computer science

· Economy

· Information technology

· Administrative law

· Civil law

· Constitutional law

· Information law

· Organization and technology of document management support

· Information security and information security

· Archive right

· Standardization of documentary management and archival support

· Labour law

· Organization of secretarial services

· International standardization of documentation management

· Legal basis for management of documentation abroad

· Organization of work with citizens' appeals

· Management and economics of document storage

· Strategic management

· Applied physical culture

· Psychology of communication and intercultural communication

· Organizational behaviour

· Sociology

· Sociology of organization

· Diplomatic and business etiquette

· Computer science and programming

· Logics

· Theory of argumentation

· Information systems

· Electronic archives

· Information resources management abroad

· Information technologies in personnel management

· Technical and application software of the electronic document management system

· Application packages

· Personnel management

· Documentation support of management in non-governmental organizations

· Organization and methods of managing non-state archives

· Organizational design

· Preservation, restoration and preservation of documents

· Organization of work with technetronic documents

· Confidential business

· Electronic document management systems

· Information technologies in the documentation support of management and archive business

· State, municipal and departmental archives

· The first foreign language in the field of professional communication

· Legal basis of the state and municipal service

· Organizational and information support for the activities of the head

· Documentary linguistics

· The second foreign language in the field of professional communication

· Personnel records management and archives of documents on personnel

· Source study

· Document science

· Archival science