The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Administrative activity

· Philosophy

· Administrative law

· Logics

· Latin language

· Advocacy activities

· Notary office

· Law enforcement authorities

· Theory of government and law

· History of the state and law of foreign countries

· Legal regulation of military and law enforcement service

· Economics

· Psychology

· Informatics and information technologies in professional activity

· History of the state and law of Russia

· Constitutional law of Russia

· Professional ethics and official etiquette

· Sociology

· Criminology

· Forensics

· Criminal-executive law

· Administrative law

· International law

· Constitutional law of foreign countries

· Criminal law

· Municipal law

· Russian language and culture of speech

· Tax law

· Prosecutor supervision

· Criminal process

· Tactical and special training

· Operational-search activity

· Inquiry in law-enforcement bodies

· The method of investigation of certain types of crimes

· Ensuring human rights in the activities of law enforcement agencies

· History, culture and geography of the countries of the first foreign language

· History, culture and geography of the countries of the second foreign language

· Family law

· Business law

· Legal linguistics

· Civil law

· Civil procedure

· Labour law

· Environmental law