The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
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MSLU Lecturer at Beijing Foreign Studies University

MSLU Lecturer at Beijing Foreign Studies University

As part of cooperation with the Beijing Foreign Languages University, under the agreement on the exchange of teachers, Alexander Romantovsky, a teacher at the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language at the Institute of International Educational Programs, went to China this academic year.

He shares the details of his visit: “The Institute of Russian Language, where I now work, is one of the oldest departments of the University of Foreign Languages, which dates back to 1941. Yoy can see the traditions in the highest qualifications of teachers, high level training of students, and in the availability of educational materials that meet local requirements for teaching RFL.

The Institute of the Russian Language takes pride in the gallery of awards (you won’t find anything like this in any other educational department). For example, in October there was the All-China Russian Language Competition, and the students of the Beijing Foreign Studies University took several prizes. To prepare for this contest, they worked both with Chinese scientific supervisors and me, as a teacher invited from Russia.

Currently I am teaching them Speaking and Academic Writing skills. In addition, the Russian Center of the Russkiy Mir Foundation hosts weekly meetings of the Russian Film Club, and Chinese students watch Russian films and documentaries and discuss them.”

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