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Summer School of Russian Language: See You Again!

Summer School of Russian Language: See You Again!

From August 7 to 27, the Summer School of the Russian Language and Culture 2023 was held at MSLU. Each of the 18 participants underwent intensive training in the Russian language and achieved significant success in mastering it.

Thanks to a rich excursion program, foreign students got to know the culture of our country better, and the time spent with volunteers helped to make new friends from different parts of Russia.

All participants received certificates that will become not only an important document for resumes, but also a reminder of the ability to overcome language barriers and achieve their goals in learning the Russian language.

The closing ceremony of the Summer School ended with a tea party with blinis, pirozhkis and other Russian sweets, and during the tea party there was a quiz where the team named "The First" won.

MSLU student volunteers who accompanied our guests during the Summer School shared their impressions:

Ilya Tomei, PF 8-22-2

“I thank all the participants of this linguistic school: teachers, volunteers and the participants for the great 3 weeks. I am extremely pleased to see such an interest in the Russian language and culture of our country. Sometimes students asked us such tricky questions that we wanted to get a second degree in history and / or Russian as a foreign language in order to answer them. Therefore, the volunteers were studying along with our guests. I thank the alma mater for the opportunity!”

Gunel Guliyeva, PF 8-20-2

“It was very interesting to communicate with foreign students and introduce them to the culture of our country, all the participants were very friendly and pleasant, we even had a chance to make friends with some of them and continue to communicate. It was an interesting opportunity both to put my knowledge of foreign languages into practice, and to learn more about the history and culture of Russia, to discover new places in Moscow. We will be glad to see the participants of the summer school within the walls of our university in the winter period, too.”

Azaliya Isangulova, PF 8-22-2 “I am grateful to Moscow State Linguistic University for the opportunity to become a guide to the history and culture of Russia for foreign students for a whole month. Volunteering helped me not only to get to know the customs of another country better, but also to get to know my own better. The people with whom I communicated during the summer school, I am sure, will remain my lifelong friends from different parts of the world!”

Our foreign participants left their feedback:

Han Miner

During this time, I dared to speak Russian, although not very fluently. I also met many interesting friends. The teachers and volunteers who accompanied us were kind and attentive. It was an unforgettable experience. I look forward to coming to Moscow next year.

Dream Jugi

I was very happy during this Summer School. I made many friends and visited many scenic spots. Hope to come again next time! I really learned a lot at this Summer School.

Wang Jiaqin

As the end of the program approaches, it's just hard for me to say goodbye to our wonderful teachers, dear friends, and the experience I've had here. It's nice to see that people of different cultures have a common interest in the Russian language and culture, get together and weave days and nights into very beautiful memories.

Shao Wendou

MSLU Summer School is perfect. Here you can improve your Russian language, make friends from different countries and enjoy almost all the famous sights of Moscow. It's a good experience and I hope to come again next time :)

Zhou Weiyu

I think the classes and excursions here were really interesting. I learned a lot about Russian culture. We hope that the MSLU Summer School will get better and better and will be held every year!

Lan Qi

This program is so wonderful that I am very sorry that I did not have such chances before. Here we could have outstanding professors, a knowledgeable guide, nice volunteers and a reasonable tour plan. I have learned a lot and experienced a lot, and I am very grateful.

Song Jugi

I was very happy during this Summer School. I made a lot of friends and learned a lot, visited many scenic spots. I hope to come again next time! I really gained a lot from this Summer School.

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