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MSLU students will spend 8 weeks in Oman


From April 26 to June 23, a group of students from MSLU Faculty of Translation and Interpreting is undergoing an internship at Sultan Qaboos College for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers at Sultan Qaboos University. It is located in the city of Manah, Ad Dahiliya province, in the central part of Oman. This is the first internship for students with Arabic in several years.

The academic program at SQCA consists of 6 levels and each level includes 160 hours of study over 8 weeks. Classes go from 8.00 to 13.00, in addition, students practice Arabic in extracurricular activities.

Our students share their impressions of the first weeks in Oman.

“Having spent two weeks in the Sultanate of Oman, we can confidently say that this is a country with a rich culture and kind, sympathetic people. First of all, I would like to highlight the wonderful living conditions, the availability of all necessary household appliances, three meals a day, a buffet. Training takes place in a small town, Manah, located rather far from the capital. On seeing us, almost every local is happy to strike up a conversation. Studying at Sultan Qaboos University is four one-hour classes a day, during which students analyze grammar rules, read Arabic literature and listen to Arabic news. The study load goes together with games and competitions, which makes studying more interesting. In the process of training, we visit many cultural sites, learn history.» (C) Zakhar Druzhinin

“Oman is a country that is definitely worth visiting. People here are sociable, responsive, thus there are no problems with language practice. It would seem that strictness in traditions and customs should be alerting European people, however, the richest culture and stunning views make us forget about the sometimes excessive pickiness of the local population towards somewhat reckless outfits of tourists and foreign students.” (C) Polina Rastegina

“Manakh is a small city, especially in comparison with Moscow. The learning process is inspiring. The first priority is to educate students about local features and culture, the second is to teach the language. To achieve these goals, the program is not overloaded so that students do not feel undue pressure in learning, since the process of speaking Arabic alone requires a lot of effort.

In general, this trip is interesting and fruitful. I look forward to what is to come yet.” (C) Georgy Sytov

“This year I went on an internship to Oman for the first time. This country and the very place where we are staying struck me with its beauty and amazing, always friendly and generous people. I enjoy everything: excellent organization of the educational process$ classes are taught by experienced teachers and only in Arabic using audio and video. Twice a week, each trainee meets with an Arabic student for conversational practice, which is very conducive to "immersion in the language environment." The management of the college very competently organizes tourist trips to different cities and sights, and the tours are also held only in Arabic.

During the day, the temperature is very high, so, despite a very short distance (a 10 minutes walk), we are taken by bus from the dormitory to the college.

We enjoy buffet meals three times a day wirh delicious national Omani dishes.

Very satisfied with the internship. I express my gratitude to the leadership of our university, the dean's office of the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, as well as the international department for the opportunity to have a language practice here and for the impeccable work on arranging everything necessary for it.” (C) Serafim Khvisevich

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