The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

“English Humour vs. American Humor” project gala concert

On April 23rd in the assembly hall of MSLU the closing gala concert of the university-wide linguistic and area studies project dedicated to British and American humour titled “English Humour vs. American Humor” was held.
The project “English Humour vs. American Humor” has been organized by the Center of the English Language and Culture together with the Office of Macmillan Education publishing house in Russia. Its main goal is to immerse students into British and American literature and to enhance their oratory skill in the foreign language.
Due to the pandemic, it took more than 1,5 years to put the project into action. The gala concert on April 23rd was its final event. Each performance was unique, and all together they created a beautiful combination of jokes, funny songs, humorous sketches and videos shown on the screen. The climax of the evening was joint singing of the “My Way” song. Just like many other projects organized by the longstanding head of the Center of the English Language and Culture Natalia Tokareva, “English Humour vs. American Humor” also featured deep immersion of the participants into the literary and regional material.

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