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Conference on foreign language instruction at non-linguistic universities hosted by MSLU

Conference on foreign language instruction at non-linguistic universities hosted by MSLU

On 23-24 June 2016, the Moscow State Linguistic University hosted the all-Russian methodological conference on foreign language instruction at non-linguistic universities.

It was attended by more than 180 foreign language teachers of higher educational institutions from across the country, including Prof. Yevdokimov, (MIET NRU), Prof. Markovina (Moscow 1st Sechenov Medical University), Prof. Kryachkov (MIFA (U)) and many others. The conference was devoted to quality and development of language education at non-linguistic universities.

The conference was opened by MSLU's Rector Igor Manohin, who commented on its broad scope. The issues covered included promotion of Russian education in a globalizing world; improvement of skills and knowledge assessment tools; creating a language environment at a non-linguistic university; providing multi-level education; training students in public communication techniques; innovations and information technologies in foreign language teaching. He wished the conference participants fruitful discussions and a creative exchange of ideas and experience.

Various aspects of foreign language teaching to non-language students and teaching languages for specific purposes were the subject of papers of MSLU academics, including MSLU Vice-Rector Guseynova, Professors Yarotskaya, Pavlova and others, with special emphasis laid on the professional and communication skills of students.

Methodological recommendations proposed during the conference centered on the relevance of foreign languages to students of individual universities, profession-related elements of language courses, traditional and innovative methods of learning languages, modeling professional interaction situations as a teaching and learning tool, the use of technology in teaching foreign languages, combination of face-to-face and extracurricular time, and others.

The next Conference will take place at the Moscow State Linguistic University in June 2017.

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