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Results of the International Conference on Mongolian Studies at MSLU

Results of the International Conference on Mongolian Studies at MSLU

On March 21, the International conference of students, postgraduates, and young scientists dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the birth of the renowned mongolist Lydia Skorodumova was held at MSLU. The co-organizer was the Society of Young mongolist Scientists "Erdmiin Khelkhee" (Mongolia).

At the opening of the plenary session, the rector of our university, Irina Kraeva, gave a welcoming speech. Wishes for successful work were extended to the participants by the cultural attaché of the Embassy of Mongolia in the Russian Federation, Onon Chinbayar, Professor Anna Tsendina from HSE University, and Ekaterina Pokholkova, the dean of the Translation and interpretation faculty. Lydia Skorodumova's daughter, Natalya Popova-Rogova, sent a video greeting to the conference participants and guests.

Leading Mongolist scientists, students, and postgraduates, whose research subjects are the Mongolian world and its connections with other civilizations, presented their reports at the plenary session and in the conference sections. The speakers were representatives of educational and scientific institutions from Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Elista, Chita, Ulan-Ude), Mongolia, and China.

The organizing committee expresses its gratitude to the Representation of the Government of the Trans-Baikal Krai under the Government of the Russian Federation and the Representation of the Republic of Buryatia under the President of the Russian Federation for their support in organizing and conducting the conference.

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