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Russian diplomat Alexander Avdeev: “Being a diplomat”

Russian diplomat Alexander Avdeev: “Being a diplomat”

On February 14, Alexander Avdeev, a Russian diplomat, earlier Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Luxembourg, Bulgaria, France, and Vatican, gave a talk to the students and teachers of our university.

“Synthetic and passionate” is how our guest described the job of a diplomat. He also called the profession multifaceted: a diplomat must be profound in regional studies, economics, law and culture, demonstratethe highest intellectual level and the ability to analyze and present processed information. No less important are the so-called soft skills — Mr Avdeev specifically emphasized the ability to listen closely, to persuade, to network ansd smalltalk.

Our guest noted the highest level of foreign language proficiency among the Inyaz graduates whom he met during his diplomatic service. “A great translator makes a great diplomat,” he noted.

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