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New forms of cooperation between Russia and Latin America

New forms of cooperation between Russia and Latin America
February 10, MSLU hosted an international workshop "New Forms of Cooperation between Russia and Latin America", which was attended by students and faculty of the university and representatives of 12 embassies of Latin American countries, including eight ambassadors.
In her welcome speech, MSLU Rector Irina Kraeva emphasized the tangible contribution of the university to the development of the Russian-Latin American collaboration, citing the fully-fledged working relations with a number of universities in Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and Mexico as an example.
Speaking for his part, Alexei Lavrov, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, who heads the Russian Society of Friendship with Cuba, offered a presentation in the Spanish language titled "The Space History of Russia", which could rightfully be used as part of a display program in planetariums and educational centers of the countries in the region.
Alexander Demidov, Deputy Head of the Federal Treasury, shed light on how budget performance system works in the Russian Federation, and declared readiness to assist Latin American governments in adopting Russia's experience in this area.
The presentation by Professor Elena Veduta, Head of the Department of Strategic Planning and Economic Policy at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, was devoted to the prospects of establishing Russian-Latin American ties in the field of artificial intelligence.
Yet another speaker, MSLU Vice-Rector for Development and Digitalization Sergey Pilipenko informed those present about the Russian approach to cooperation with Latin American universities, agencies and regulators in the field of information security.
All presentations received a lot of attention and prompted a great interest among the attendees. The speakers concluded by answering numerous questions.

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