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MSLU Rector and students visit 8th SUN GA in Dubai

MSLU Rector Irina Kraeva attended the 8th General Assembly (GA) of the Silk-Road Universities Network (SUN) in Dubai in company with the students of the university’s Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, Elizaveta Polyudova and Nikita Panichev.
Ms. Kraeva came in as the head of the core university among the Russian SUN-members, and as a SUN Honorary Professor and President of its International Association for Silk-Road Studies 2019. Elizaveta was nominated to the delegation as a winner of the "My hometown: What does your hometown mean to you?" WRICOS (Writing Contest), while Nikita as the 2022 Vice President of the United Students of Silk-Road Universities Network (USSUN).
This year's GA was held at Canadian University Dubai. In addition to the activities of the GA proper, the organizers offered a cultural program, which gave participants a chance to see the highlights of Dubai and learn more about local culture.
During the farewell dinner, Ms. Kraeva signed a memorandum of understanding among the universities that participated in the General Assembly.

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