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Professor Irina Krayeva Appointed Acting Rector of MSLU

Professor Irina Krayeva Appointed Acting Rector of MSLU

On January 31, 2017 Russian Minister of Education Olga Vasilieva appointed Irina Krayeva Acting Rector of Moscow State Linguistic University (MSLU)

Esteemed colleagues and students! Dear friends!

Our university, MSLU, has always been renowned for its glorious traditions, for quality education and for innovative methods of teaching and mastering languages and cultures. It is my sincere hope that with our joint efforts we can further develop MSLU as a center for polylingualism, the humanities and cutting-edge educational technologies. I count on your contribution as linguists and scholars, and your unique experience, to assist me in the administrative duties that I am undertaking. Together, we can reach new heights of creativity and success, inspired by the words of our "InYaz" University Anthem: "InYaz! You're depths and lofty shining summits! Our billow'ng sails and glowing beacon true!" May our students, today and tomorrow, proudly call themselves scions of InYaz!

MSLU Acting Rector

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