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MSLU Rector Irina Kraeva Interviewed by Vietnam’s Central TV Channel

MSLU Rector Irina Kraeva Interviewed by Vietnam’s Central TV Channel
The interest of Vietnam's leading TV company in MSLU is primarily due to the success of the Vietnamese section of the MSLU Translation and Interpreting Department and the high level of long-term academic cooperation between the two countries.

The correspondents wanted to know how important it is for the University to develop and promote the specialties related to the study of the Vietnamese language. In reply to this question, the University Rector gave a brief historical account of the close academic cooperation between the two countries - Russia and Vietnam: "The history of our university's friendship goes back to the1960s, it was during that period that the university began to train specialists from Vietnam. And five years ago - in 2017 - the MSLU began to teach the Vietnamese language, increasing significantly the number of Vietnamese students who wished to get an education in our country. Today, MSLU has more than 80 undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

This year, MSLU has also launched the first ever program to train specialists in "Theory and Methodology of Teaching Foreign Languages and Russian as a Foreign Language" with a second Vietnamese language. This clearly shows an increased interest of young people in studying the language and culture of one of Russia’s long-standing and promising strategic partners in the face of new challenges.

In her interview, Rector Irina Kraeva stressed that the University intends to expand the number of its Vietnamese partner universities. At the moment, the university is in collaboration with four Vietnamese universities and is always open to new proposals.

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