The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

‘Russia-Serbia’ Young Interpreter School Over

In Moscow a large-scale project called ‘Russia-Serbia School of Young Translators’ has come to a close. The project was organized by the Rudomino All-Russian State Library of Foreign Literature with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The project was co-sponsored by the Translation and Interpreting Department of the Moscow State Linguistic University.

Participating in the School proceedings were also Belgrade’s Russian House, the Faculty of Philology at Belgrade University, the Russian Institute of Science in Belgrade, the ‘Masters of Literary Translation’s Guild, ANO ‘Institute of Translation’, the Inostrannaya Literatura magazine and the ‘Rudomino Book Center’ publishing house.

The school was attended by undergraduate and graduate students from Belgrade University, University of Priština, Nis University and University in Banja Luka (Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina). This is the first meeting and master class of young translators of this scale. Winners of the literary translation contest called "Russia as a Country of Polyglots" were announced in the following two categories: ‘Best translation from Russian into Serbian’ and ‘Best translation from Serbian into Russian’. Those were Radmila Kostic and Tamara Arsic, translators and Slavic studies specialists from Kosovo Pomoravl, where these former graduates are employed as elementary school teachers of Russian.

At the closing ceremony, Ekaterina A. Pokholkova, Dean of the MSLU Translation and Interpreting Faculty, welcomed the School’s participants and winners. She spoke about the teaching of the Serbian language at the Moscow State Linguistic University and the prospects that open to young translators in the field of translation of the Balkan Union languages.

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