The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

European Centre for Peace and Development – new partner of MSLU

On July 5 the rector of MSLU Irina Kraeva signed an agreement with the university’s new partner – the European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD), the headquarters of which are situated in the Serbian capital, Belgrade. The European Centre for Peace and Development is part of the UN Peace University, the official structure for this international organization.

The agreement signed by the ECPD director, Negoslav Ostojic, was brought to Moscow by ECPD representative Maria Melnikova. In addition to the signing of the agreement, the cooperation proposals submitted by the ECPD director Negoslav Ostojic and director of scientific projects Liliana Markovic were discussed at the meeting.

The signing of the agreement was a logical continuation of the meeting between the Project Office for International Cooperation and ECPD representatives, which took place this May. The first steps were made and projects were discussed there. Within the framework of the agreement, joint projects are to be carried out in the fields of teaching, research, consultancy and educational programmes, including the exchange of professors and experts of ECPD and research activities in areas of mutual interest to both institutions, especially to Central and South-Eastern Europe as well as to Eurasia. Cooperation in the field of Silk Road studies was also discussed. The immediate implementation of the envisaged projects and further detailed discussions are scheduled for the autumn of 2022. Representatives of MSLU are invited to participate in the annual ECPD Youth Forum which will take place in October 2022.

This cooperation will be of great importance in a changing reality and will provide staff and students of MSLU with new opportunities, the possibility to benefit from the invaluable experience of ECPD experts and discover new research paths.

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