The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Professor Olga Egorova elected to the Council of the International Federation of Translators (FIT)

On 31 May Professor Olga Egorova, Director of the Project Office for International Cooperation at MSLU, was elected to the Council of the International Federation of Interpreters (FIT) by direct vote of member countries and associations.

The FIT Council is elected every three years at the statutory congress. This year the congress took place in Cuba with more than 60 participating countries voting. FIT has a total of 17 members. For the third time, Professor Egorova will represent the Russian translation community in the largest professional association, but this time the elections were particularly difficult. Apart from Russia representatives from Australia, Austria, the USA, China, Macao, Slovenia, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Costa Rica, Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Ireland, Norway and Cuba were elected.

MSLU and FIT have a fruitful professional relationship. For instance, in 2019 FIT member translator Kevin Quirk was awarded the mantle of Honorary Doctor of MSLU, while a year earlier, in 2018, FIT member translator Henry Liu was the guest of the “Perevodcheskaya sreda” (Translation Environment) project. In addition, the leading translators at MSLU are regular participants and guests at seminars, webinars and conferences on contemporary translation studies.

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