The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

New international projects in terminology at MSLU

In March 2022, MSLU students and professors initiated new projects in terminology: filling the terminological database WIPO Pearl of the World Intellectual Property Organization and the European project “Terminology without Borders”.
The project aimed at filling the terminological database WIPO Pearl is being implemented for the third time; it indicates the high quality of the project outcomes achieved by MSLU students. As in previous years, students are invited to choose one of the topics in WIPO Pearl and select a few English terms in order to find their equivalents in Russian in accordance with WIPO recommendations and instructions. March 24, 2022 saw a special online session: WIPO project coordinators met with groups of MSLU students and professors participating in the project and spoke about WIPO Pearl, project stages and activities, procedure for selecting terms, sources to use when searching for term context, etc. The coordinators also focused on the questions the participants asked at the initial stage of the project.

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