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Rector holds a meeting with students

Rector holds a meeting with students
On January 25 the MSLU Rector Irina Kraeva met with students to answer their questions.

In her welcoming speech the Rector congratulated the students on their "professional" holiday, Russian Student Day, noting that in the past three years these constructive meetings had become a good tradition. Besides, the Rector once again drew the audience's attention to the fact that these events were not the only venue to communicate with the head of the University. At any time, every student is welcome to ask a question by writing a letter to "I myself take care of all letters that are sent to this address and I always respond to them. Many of these requests form the basis for my orders or inspections”, the Rector said.

She first fielded the questions that had been sent in advance to her email address or via Google Forms. Her assistants provided remarks clarifying the subject in question. So, Anatoliy Tsaregorodtsev, Vice-Rector for information technologies, pointed out that Wi-Fi points were to be installed in the university buildings in Rostokino and Ostozhenka, 36, during the second semester. In reply to a postgraduate student’s question about the prospects for having scientific research practice at the MSLU labs, Olga Iriskhanova, Vice-Rector for research, said that this option was currently under consideration. Vice-rector for education Larisa Petruchak reminded the audience that as many as 80 students were annually transferred from fee-paying to state-financed places at the end of each semester based on their academic performance and other merits. The Commission regularly decides on their selection at the end of each session, i.e., twice a year: in winter and summer.

There were also some burning questions relating to the maintenance of the classrooms and dorm facilities in proper condition, the first shift at 8:00 am and the operation of the canteens.

The University administration has applied to its founder – the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education – for funds to be allocated from the State budget for purchasing new furniture and renovating its restrooms, classrooms and canteens. If granted, this funding will make it possible to upgrade the furniture in the academic buildings and dormitories and improve their living conditions and facilities. Starting from February 7, canteens will be made available at the Rostokino and Ostozhenka 36 buildings, and a convenient lunchroom will open in the Babaevskaya building on September 1 in the upcoming academic year.

The traditional question about the early start of the first shift (8 am) continues to have a traditional answer: unfortunately, the university does not have enough classrooms. There are so many students that it has to operate a three-shift system, with the first one starting early in the morning.

The students present at the meeting also asked quite a few interesting "live" questions ranging from putting up easy-to-follow navigation signs in the main building, purchasing Microsoft software to the university’s development strategies and its position in the international rankings.

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