The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

MSLU hosts “German Studies 2021: nove et nova” conference.

On November 10-12th MSLU hosted the fourth International scientific conference “German Studies 2021: nove et nova” in which more than 100 Russian and foreign researchers took part.
Addressing the participants of the conference the rector of MSLU Irina Kraeva stressed that the conference attracts more and more specialists, granting the participants greater opportunities for comprehensive analyzing of relevant issues of German studies and other disciplines.
Leading Russian and foreign experts spoke at the plenary sessions: M. Dalmas (France), R. Rada (Hungary), A. Turnzek (Germany), D. O. Dobrovolsky (Russia; Sweden), Russian linguists E. B. Krotova, I. A. Guseinova, I. V. Zykova, A. V. Pavlova, E. B. Yakovenko.
In the format of breakout sessions, the issues of studying vocabulary and phraseology, grammar, sociophonetics, aspects of literary criticism, discourseology, linguodidactics, and cultural linguistics were considered.
The participants of the conference noted the friendly constructive atmosphere during the sessions and also noted that the tradition of holding scientific conferences at MSLU, particularly at the faculty of the German language creates a special atmosphere of productive scientific cooperation.
After finishing the sessions the participants could join one of five workshops within the framework of the professional development program "Trends and Methods of Linguistic Research in German Studies".

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