The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

MSLU hosts international scientific conference “Science without boundaries: Anglistics in the XXI century”

On October 13-15th the Faculty of the English Language hosted the international scientific conference “Science without boundaries: Anglistics in the XXI century”. Despite the online format, more than 100 linguists from Russia, UK, Switzerland, Hungary and Belarus took part.

The participants shared the results of their researches concerning modern tendencies of development of different aspects of the English language in the field of in the direction of interdisciplinarity and the interaction of English studies with other sciences.

The conference reflected a certain eclecticism of research directions in modern English studies, thereby determined the main directions of learning English in the modern linguistic paradigm: the creativity of discourse (especially polycode) and the emergence of its new hybrid varieties in the era of digitalization and the so-called "new normality", the need for multimodal research at the junction of several linguistic levels and sciences, problems of standardizing the English language and preserving its variability, reliance on corpus data in almost all genres of linguistic and didactic research. The topics of the reports again emphasized the status of modern linguistics as a science that actively interacts with other areas of knowledge, nevertheless adhering to the pivotal subject of research - language. The conference is one of the advanced training modules for the educational program for advanced training "New technologies and the integration of methods of language research."

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