Università linguistica statale di Mosca
Università di lingue straniere di Mosca «Maurice Thorez»


We provide our faculty, researchers, PhD students, as well as graduates and undergraduates with a wide range of opportunities to publish their research papers, manuscripts, coursebooks and exercise materials.

Our faculty can publish their academic research papers in MSLU's Vestnik, a bulletin in the List of Russian peer-reviewed journals approved by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles. Founded in 1940, it has released over 750 issues to date. As of July 2014, the Bulletin has been an open access journal available online at and at

The Bulletin publishes articles in such areas of research as current trends in linguistic education and language training, literary translation, institutional discourse and LSP, theological discourse and the linguistic worldview, cognitive and educational psychology, linguadidactics, current issues in social philosophy and culture, Russia's national and foreign policy

REMA Publishers releases coursebooks and exercise materials that can be used by MSLU lecturers and students as well as research and instructional publications authored by MSLU faculty members and printed materials in support of the numerous national and international conferences hosted by the university.

MSLU students who pursue a research track and make presentations at conferences hosted by the University can publish their findings in the Bulletin of MSLU Student Research Society, thus getting their first experience of preparing manuscripts.

Students trying their hand at translation during such regular events as the International School of Young Literary Translators or International Congress of Literary Translators can expect to have their best texts published by REMA, either in paper form or electronically.

The «Nota Bene» newspaper publishes materials of our students and faculty covering the most interesting news in the life of MSLU. All are welcome to contribute – and have a chance to be tutored in press writing by experienced newspaper staff.