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Russian language courses

Paid short-term courses of the Russian language with translation and interpretation programmes

For Foreigners

Moscow State Linguistic University runs regular short-term courses of the Russian language, Russian translation and interpretation for foreigners. Usually the duration of the courses ranges from a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 11 months. The courses usually start at the beginning of the autumn (1 September – 31 January) and the spring (1 February – 30 June) semesters. However, applicants may join courses at any time they want during the academic year, including the summer period (July-August). In summer only courses of Russian as a foreign language are available. 

The University makes all the necessary arrangements to have official invitations issued by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation so that applicants may obtain their visas. Applicants are supposed to provide MSLU with the following information:

- a copy of their passport in high resolution (it would be more convenient to send it by e-mail)

- a filled application form, including:

  • The period (dates) of their study in Russia
  • Their level of the Russian language proficiency
  • Their University’s (or workplace’s) name, address, e-mail and phone number
  • Their home address
  • The address of the nearest Russian Consulate (Embassy of the Russian Federation), where they expect to obtain a visa

Health insurance is a must.

The passport must be valid for not less than one and a half-year from the date of the alleged entry into the Russian Federation.

On the arrival students may choose their curriculum (the quantity of classroom hours per week and subjects to study) and are to sign an apprenticeship contract with the University. The courses are provided for any level of Russian language proficiency (even if you do not speak Russian at all).

Each academic hour is 45 minutes long. One class consists of two academic hours. The cost of each 45-minute period is 700 rubles (≈ 10 euro) if you choose to study in a group, and 1 200 rubles (≈ 15 euro) for individual tuition. You are free to choose as many academic hours per week as you wish from a minimum of 4 to up to 20 or more hours per a 5-day working week.

Discount is available for a four-month or more training period with the academic load of more than10 hours per week; in this case, the cost of one academic hour is 500 rubles (≈ 7 euro).

The payment for the educational services is to be made in Rubles at the University’s cash department after signing the apprenticeship contract with MSLU or by Bank transfer from a legal entity as well.

The University provides foreign students with accommodation at the University’s residence located within a ten-minute walk from the University’s main building in the historical center of Moscow. The current price is 375 rubles per night (≈ 6 euro). The price of meals in the canteen of the University’s Residence is up to 550 rubles a day (≈ 7 euro).

Students can have a place in the University’s Residence only if they are arriving by an official invitation from the University.

For further information, please, do not hesitate to contact us via the e-mail:


Address: 119034 Moscow, Ostozhenka str., 38.

tel. 8-499-246-28-07

International Cooperation Center

The University’s Residence: 119034 Moscow, Komsomolsky prospect, 6/2

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