The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University


Specialisation: Strategic Design in Politics

Study Mode: Full time

Duration: 2 academic years (120 ECTS)

Programme Overview

The MA programme provides a sound professional training in strategic policy design and political consulting. It will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to analyse political processes at national, regional and global levels. The programme is designed to meet the demand of public authorities, business, and public organizations for professionals in the field of strategic design and expert analysis. The graduate is required to be capable of managerial activity in public authorities, in the offices of political parties and socio-political associations, in local governments, business structures and the media. You will participate in the development of research programs and projects, in the design of scientific and theoretical developments and political campaigns, have in-depth knowledge of the methodology of political decision-making, forecasting of political processes, understand the system of strategic planning of the Russian Federation, political and geopolitical design.

What You Will Study

Teaching is provided through lectures, classes or seminars.

· Critical issues in modern political science

· Computer technology in political studies

· Methods of working with information

· Political conflictology

· Main trends in global political development

· Foreign language in the field of professional communication

· Strategic planning in contemporary politics

· Methodology and technologies for the preparation of political decisions

· Strategic and situational analysis in politics

· Modeling political processes

· Management of political projects

· System of strategic planning in the Russian Federation

· Military force in modern politics

· Strategic stability in the modern world; Designing of political campaigns

· Design of electoral campaigns

· Foundations of the geopolitical design

· Geo-strategies in modern world politics


· Fundamentals of media policy

· Gaming technologies in modern political science.

Benefits of the programme

study the basics of a comprehensive analysis of political processes and phenomena;

training in strategic vision of the prospects for political development,

research skills

training in providing analytical and consulting support in the process of developing, implementing, forecasting and preparing documentation of the policy course.


· Socio-political, socio-cultural and economic sector in Russia and abroad

· Structures of state power and management (federal, regional and municipal levels), political parties and socio-political movements, the system of modern international relations

Government and business